Alexis Jaramillo
Head Coach & Owner

Alexis JaramilloI never played competitive sports growing up due to respiratory issues. I found weightlifting in high school and continued to do so throughout college. This eventually led to a career in the health and fitness industry as a trainer for big box gyms.

2008  I discovered CrossFit and never turned back. I didn’t just work out I did WOD’s, I didn’t just squat and deadlift I did cleans and snatches. I did all these things with other athletes who pushed me to not quit. I quickly realized I wasn’t part of a gym I was part of a community! I also became convinced that there was no longer such a thing as “can’t,” just “I haven’t figured out how yet.” I went on to compete in both the 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Regionals.

After coaching at two local area CrossFit boxes for several years, I decided to venture out and open my own box. CrossFit has given me a whole new family.  We are all in this together, we share in each others accomplishments and support each other as we progress.

As a coach, I live to educate, inspire and empower others. I want to set an example for others through my words, actions, and lifestyle. I have an unwavering passion and devotion towards helping athletes achieve the confidence and mentality that they can do anything both in their sport and in all other facets of their lives. I love pushing people to their physical limits to help them discover what they’re capable of achieving.

– Level 1 and 2 CrossFit Certified Coach
– CrossFit Mobility Certified
– CrossFit Kids Certified
– Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting course Attendee
– 2009 & 2010 CrossFit Regionals Games Competitor


Colby Gallinger, Coach
Colby Gallinger

Hey, everyone. I was born in Sequim Washington just off the Olympic Penninsula. Growing up I loved everything from biking to tennis. I played sports growing up and am particularly fond of baseball. Like most people when they start working full-time and everyday life takes over sport can be lost in the mix. I continued running, and doing some weight lifting but needed more.

I have always had what one would call a “big engine.”I have an extremely active job and have maintained good stamina. So I was shocked the first time I did CrossFit. The intensity was more than I expected, how hard could some KB swings , pull-ups , and some running be? It was gross and I realized I found what I was looking for… I loved the it!I try and WOD 5-6x a week, it keeps me sane!

I’m currently a full-time employee at Frito-Lay, but I love helping people and being part of the community at Mt. Tabor CrossFit. We are all friends and family as we grow as people and athletes. We all have struggles, mobility, conditioning, and various other obstacles. As a coach, I strive to help  people overcome those obstacles, continually learning and striving for better. Hope to see you in class!

– Level 1 CrossFit Certified Coach, 2012


Megan “Mego” Gaddini, Coach

Megan Gaddini
Over ten years ago, a friend invited me to meet a group of his friends who were gathering to do this workout with the name CrossFit. My friend told me I should watch but that didn’t fit in with my competitive nature – participate or else is my unofficial motto. While I don’t remember that first workout, there were a number of different stations and a lot of arm work. And, you guessed it, I felt so good – even if I couldn’t move my arms for a week.

I enjoyed the atmosphere – it felt like what it was, a bunch of friends playing around at a gymnastics gym. (We didn’t have an official CrossFit gym until over a year later) I’d been struggling with a bad back for six years but my coach guided me, with correct form, to push, get strong again, be able to walk pain-free. This will sound familiar: the more I went the more I wanted to go. CrossFit has literally been life-changing and I don’t think I’ll ever stop going…..unless there’s a zombie apocalypse.

– Level 1 and 2 CrossFit Certified Coach
– CrossFit Kids Certified
– 10+ years doing CrossFit


Melissa Hainz, Coach

Melissa HainzComing Soon!

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