Thank you for taking time to glance at a few rules. We encourage everyone to follow them for a better CrossFit experience.

  1. Please be on time and ready to work out. Boss kept you late, traffic blows? It happens. Five minutes late? No problem. Closer to ten minutes late? Please wait and join the next class. It’s a great opportunity to get some extra stretching in.
  2. No whining and no negative attitudes. Leave your day at the door. Complaining is as contagious as the flu in an elementary school! If we all had a “complaint off” about all our aches, pains, and complaints of the day we would never workout! That’s what foam rolling and mobility are for after class. Feel free to vent away after you WOD. Chances are you will forget half of it and just feel great about the amazing job you just did.
  3. Please clean up after yourself. Yes, we are all glad you came, worked hard, and worked up a sweat! That doesn’t mean the next guy wants to roll around in the aftermath. A spray mop and clean sweat towels will be provided, so the let the sweat fly just don’t leave it for the next class. Please put equipment back in it’s appropriate place as well.
  4. Be aware of your fellow athletes and try to be as courteous as possible. We are not a huge gym, and often our WOD stations demand a little space control. Control your weights when setting down and know where your classmates are for safety reasons. Don’t throw the bar, if it bounces and hits your neighbor they will not be to happy with you. However you may in a controlled manner drop your bar if loaded with rubber plates.
  5. Do your best and give your all! If that means you have to modify and change up the WOD, you are still working your butt off and we support you for it. Don’t feel like anyone cares that you aren’t doing RX, everyone just wants to see you finish and cheer you on!
  6. Be supportive! You killed the WOD and are done early? Awesome! You have extra time to stay and encourage your fellow athletes. Sometimes your words of encouragement are all they need to push through. Help them give their all, and when the time comes they will do the same for you.
  7. Hold yourself accountable. Your will get out of CrossFit what you put into it. Make sure you count your reps appropriately, and make sure you have full range of motion. The only way to get better is to have good form which creates good muscle memory.
  8. Work on your weakness. We highly encourage you to come in early or stay late to work on skill, lifts, and/or mobility. Just find a spot that won’t interfere with the class in progress and go to town.
  9. Don’t coach unless you are the coach. Encourage and motivate, perhaps share a few insights, but unless your are the coach on hand please do not act like one. If there is a concern or question find a coach, and they will help you.