Our October On- Ramp Foundations series dates: Series starts on Saturday the 13th @8:00 am.

Saturday’s: 8:00 am the 13th and 20th

Tuesday’s: 6:00 am or 5:30 pm the 16th and 23rd

Thursday’s: 6:00 am or 5:30 pm the 18th and 25th


November On-Ramp Foundation series dates: First class is Saturday the 10th

Saturday’s: 8:00 am the 10th and 17th and 24th

Tuesday’s:13th and 20th at 6:00 am and 5:30 pm

Thursdays:  15th and (22nd is Thanks Giving will be rescheduled for the following Saturday)


Our On-Ramp Foundations is comprised of  3 classes a week for 2 weeks. Classes are taught in a linear fashion, each class building on the previous teaching athletes safe and efficient movement scaled to their abilities.

Classes  will be on Saturday/ Tuesday and Thursday for 2 weeks. We will introduce new athletes to the fundamentals of CrossFit focusing on proper lifting techniques and our most commonly used gymnastics movements needed  to help them ease comfortably into our normal WOD’s. Weekday classes are 1 hour long, Saturdays are 1.5 hrs long. Each class will consist of a group led warm up, skill or lift practice, then a WOD.


*Email us for more info about the next foundation series! staff.mtcf@gmail.com

Dates don’t work for you?  If you would like to schedule a private foundations please email alex.mtcf@gmail.com. Private foundations consist of 4 classes for $225 with access to regular classes for the remainder of their 30 day intro once foundations are completed. Want to do it with a friend? 2 person private foundations is $175 a person.

New to CrossFit? A little concerned it will be too hard and you’ll feel like you’re back in middle school PE class? Have no fear! We would like to invite you to participate in our 2 week/6 class foundations program. Let me preface this by saying foundations is NOT mandatory, but your success and enjoyment of the sport will be greatly improved if you start with basics. Much like learning a new language if you understand the basics of verbs, nouns, and adjectives, then you can start to understand and put together full sentences. If you understand and can properly execute the nine foundational movements of CrossFit: squats, front squats, overhead squats, dead-lifts, sumo dead lift high pulls, med ball cleans, strict press, push press, and push jerk, then you can begin speaking the language of CrossFit.

Language you say? Yes, just like any sport CrossFit has its own special language. We don’t workout we “WOD” (work out of the day). We don’t just do reps we do “RFT’s” (rounds for time). We perform constantly varied full body functional movements everyday. In the foundations class motivated and trained coaches help the students to learn these movements. There is a lot more to CrossFit, and during these classes we will introduce the athletes to proper use of equipment, gym etiquette, and a general understanding of how the sport works. You will not be thrown to the wolves, we will learn together. All the athletes will participate in an active warm-up, followed by skill work, and then a WOD which will be explained and modifications for the movements will be covered at that time. Everyone starts somewhere so if you have to modify, don’t sweat it, “accuracy, consistency and then intensity.” We want to learn proper and safe form before we can start setting records.

Do I need to do the Foundation series in order? Yes, if you were to sign up for an American History course would you just stop in on a whim? Each class is programmed to maximize the athlete’s ability to understand and retain all that we go over in class in a specific succession.

When do the classes start? There will be 1 foundations course each month schedule, dates will be posted mid month for the following months foundations.  The foundations series is 6 classes and lasts for 2 weeks. Tuesdays and Thursdays athletes can attend the 6:00 am or 5:30 pm, on Saturdays at 11:30 am. We know that schedules get hectic, so if you need to miss a class the information you missed will be reviewed at a later date. Each class we will take our new athletes through an active warm up, go over our skills/ or lifts for the day, then have the athletes perform a WOD (work out of the day) which will correlate with material we have covered.

How do I sign-up? Please go to our class schedule online and sign-up for the start date of the series. It will be listed as free, as many people pay at the gym. If you did not purchase a contract membership payment can be taken care of at the first class. If you choose to do a contract of three months or more the cost of the Foundations classes are included.  If you wish to just try the Foundations and see what you think it is $150 for the 1 month which includes the 6 foundation classes and remaining part of the  month to attend regular classes.You will probably want to jump right in to show off  your newly attained skills.

ARRGGGGHH, I will miss a class! What do I do?! It is understandable that things happen in life that we can’t control. If you need to miss a class just email us at  staff.mtcf@gmail.com, and we will help you catch up on what you missed. You will not be kicked out of the foundations for an absence or two and we will always revisit what we learned in the previous class. However keep in mind that you will get out of the course what you put into it. Hold yourself accountable! Make up classes are not required but are available as private sessions for $50 a session.

We strive to become prepared for any contingency life has to offer! Every time we walk through the gym door we challenge ourselves both physically and mentally during the WOD. The beauty of the sport is that you are only up against yourself. The sense of support and community you get from sweating next to someone else in class and knowing they are struggling too but giving 100% pushes you to do the same.

***Please note if you purchase a one month foundations package the 6 classes must be taken in order and cannot be divided up over multiple foundation series. If special circumstances arise please email alex.mtcf@gmail.com and rescheduling may be considered.  No refunds on partially attended foundations .***

If you have additional questions about the Foundations Sequence, please email us: staff.mtcf@gmail.com.