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New to CrossFit? Start With Our On-Ramp

In 4 personally trained foundation classes from one of our highly knowledgeable trainerers new athletes will be taught the 9 foundational movements of CF. Once the 4 personally programmed classes have been completed our new athlete will have unlimited access to our programs for the remainder of their 30 day on-ramp. 

It is important we know what our new athletes goals are and how we can best help them reach their success! Book a No Sweat with one of our coaches so we can help you get started!

Book Your "No-Sweat" Intro

Experienced In CrossFit:Drop-in's

Have experience and looking for a new box or maybe just visiting? We love visitors and we are always happy to welcome new members into our community. Please go to our sign up page to schedule a drop-in to try out a class! 


Experienced in CrossFit and know you are ready to join the MTCF community?

Our scheduled WOD’s are 1 hour long. We start off with a coach directed warm up, then athletes will go over either a strength or skill, then they will have a metcon. Every class is led by one of our highly trained CF trainers and great care is taken to ensure athletes are properly guided and supported during classes. 

Can’t do everything? That’s ok, we will make sure scaling options are implemented according to individual athletes needs.


Coming Fall of 2019: Boot Camp 30!

Only have 30 min but really need to get your work out in? We offer a 30 min CrossFit style Boot Camp conditioning class where we utilize Kettlebells, Dumbbells and bodyweight to get you a great workout minus the Barbells.