New Athlete: Foundations On-Ramp

Congratulations on taking your first step to a stronger healthier you! We believe in life small success’s add up and it just takes that first step to put you on a path of achieving your goals. We want to help you on the way. We want to teach new athletes the “Foundational” movements of CrossFit in a safe, supportive manner. Everybody is different and has different needs, we have been working with all shapes and sizes for 7 years. We are confident in our ability to guide you in your journey.

We have found that in order to truly match our new athletes goals it is most successful to individualize their on-ramp. That way we can focus on a new athletes needs with more attention to the movements the new athlete may struggle with as well as provide better guidance with attaining their goals.

Our new athletes will learn the Foundations of CrossFit in 3 personally trained foundation classes from one of our highly knowledgeable trainers scheduled according to athletes preferred times. Once the 3 personally programmed classes have been completed our new athlete will have access to 2 free weeks of unlimited membership. We want our new athletes to have a chance to decide if CrossFit is right for them!

Set up a 20 min consultation to discuss goals and how we can best help schedule your “No Sweat Intro.”

Get your "no-sweat" Intro

Experienced In CrossFit but want to make sure we are right for you?

Already know you love CrossFit and have experience? We are always excited to expand our community. It is understandable that you want to make sure we are the right gym for you. Life is busy and it’s important that we spend our time the best we can. We offer free trials for those looking for a new home. Just go to the schedule and select the next available free class.


Experienced in CrossFit and know you are ready to join the MTCF community?

Our scheduled WOD’s are 1 hour long. We start off with a coach directed warm up, then athletes will go over either a strength or skill, then they will have a metcon. Every class is led by one of our highly trained CF trainers and great care is taken to ensure athletes are properly guided and supported during classes.

Can’t do everything? That’s ok, we will make sure scaling options are implemented according to individual athletes needs.


30 Min Express Fit

Only have 30 min but really need to get your work out in? We offer a 30 min CrossFit conditioning class where we utilize Kettlebells, Dumbbells and bodyweight to get you a great workout minus the barbells.