I have never done CrossFit, how do I get started?

First thing, take a deep breath and don’t be intimidated, we’re here to help you! Please schedule a New Client Consultation so that we can understand how to best serve you. We want to know your goals, your current health and your past experience with exercise so that we can prescribe the best strategy to get you the results you are looking for!

What is a WOD? And other lingo to know.

WOD = our workout of the day also referred to as “Metcon”. These workouts are scaled as needed by our coaches to adapt to each athletes abilities and goals.

Q: Do we do the same WOD everyday? A: No, our goal is to have constantly varied movements in our WOD’s to make sure our athletes are prepared for all sorts of contingencies. New day, new WOD.

Drop-In or Visiting?

You must have 6 months previous CrossFit Experience. Just go to our sign up page and select the time and date you intend to WOD with us.

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How often should I WOD?

We encourage 4-5 a week. The more consistently and frequently an athlete attends classes: the quicker their body will create solid muscle memory, the quicker the athlete is going to learn and understand the mechanics which will reduce the chance of injury and last but not least it will create the important habit of showing up!

I am not sure if I am in shape enough to start CrossFit? Should I get in shape first?

You don’t need to be in shape to do CrossFit! The beauty of the scaleable WODs is that they can be tailored to YOUR abilities. We’re all at different levels, and here to feel awesome!

I have heard CrossFit is dangerous, is it safe?

CrossFit is based on foundational, functional movements: movements we all do every day in our regular lives. We believe that teaching the proper mechanics of those movements is what will help prevent injury, whether you’re exercising at the gym, playing with your kids or moving a sofa!

I am new to the area and looking for a new box, would I be able to try it out for a few classes before committing to a membership?

We are always welcoming of new members to our community. We don’t offer free class trials, but we are happy to schedule a 1 on 1 introduction class to determine what the best path to your success will be. Interested in scheduling please email staff.mtcf@gmail.com