Q: What is a WOD?
A: WOD stands for “Work out of the day” . If you want to nerd out here is a link to a lengthy list of acronyms you will hear in CrossFit.  This may be helpful later on but don’t stress out over it. Read More Here

Q: Do we do the same WOD everyday?
A: No, our goal is to have constantly varied movements in our WOD’s to make sure our athletes are prepared for all sorts of contingencies. New day, new WOD.

Q: I have heard CrossFit is dangerous, is it safe?
A: We have knowledgeable coaches who instruct every class to make sure athletes are moving with proper form and  using the equipment safely. We encourage athletes to start off slow and light. We want our athletes to push themselves once we have an understanding of their athletic endurance. LEAVE your ego at the door and listen to the coach, you will be safe.

Q: I am new to the area and looking for a new box, would I be able to try it out for a few classes before committing to a membership?
A: We offer free trials for our express fundamentals but unfortunately we no longer offer free trial classes for our regular WOD’s. However if you want to try out a class or two as a drop-in for our regular WOD and you decide we are a good fit we will gladly credit your drop-in payments towards a membership. Sign up for a drop-in here

Q: I have never done CrossFit, how do I get started?
A: We recommend all athletes start with our foundations series. We run a new series aprox 1 x a month. Please read our foundations page for full description dates and times. Learn More Here  You may sign up online for the first class for free to see if we are a good fit. We offer the foundations 1x a month so if just want to check us out you can also try out our Express Fundamentals class for free

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Please go to our sign up page and choose either a series or contract option that works best. Sign Up Here

Q: How often should I WOD?
A: We encourage 3x a week for the first few months. We want to avoid overuse injuries but we also want to see progress. 3x a week allows a new athlete to recover properly while still making gains.

Q: I am not sure if I am in shape enough to start CrossFit? Should I get in shape first?
A: The whole idea behind CrossFit is functional movement/ general physical preparedness. Our needs vary by degree not kind. We will always be able to scale and or modify our WOD’s for each athlete.

Q: Who is eligible for the civil servants discount?
A: We offer a discount with a 1 year commitment to Police, FireFighters, and those serving in the active services