One of the most important contributors to an athlete’s health and well being is nutrition. We believe that healthy eating habits will increase an athlete’s physical and mental health. We believe that through nutrition coaching we can guide our clients on a life long journey of continued health and wellness. Everyone has a different relationship with food and different health goals. We want to coach our clients on how to eat in a way that makes sense for that individual. We will soon be offering 1:1 coaching sessions to identify our clients goals, current habits. Once we understand where our clients are coming from and where they want to go we can create a strategy to get them there! We will offer different levels of coaching and accountability based on each individual.

Interested in:

  • weight loss
  • increased performance
  • recovery

We believe in helping people learn how to understand how to feed their bodies in a way that helps them achieve their goals in a smart sustainable way. We want our clients to feel happy with their relationship with food by learning how to create their own “diet”. We look forward to offering this service soon!