Who we are

We proudly opened our doors in February of 2012 excited to build a community of like minded individuals who share a love for health and wellness. The last 8 and a half years our experienced coaches and fun hard working athletes have done just that!

We believe in being supportive, inclusive and meeting our athletes where they are at. Not everyone has the same goals or is motivated by the same thing. We want to continue to grow our community and continue helping each athlete find their own success. Being strong on your own is great, but we think we are even stronger as a team. We are all here to motivate and support each other no matter what, everyone who walks through our doors will be welcome!

Meet the coaches

Coach-Owner Alex

Alex is the owner and  coach at MTCF. She didn’t come from sports, but found CrossFit 11 years ago and fell in love with its diversity and functionality, as well as its culture. She opened Mt. Tabor CrossFit 7 years ago to help inspire and guide those looking to pursue their fitness goals in a supportive and knowledgeable environment. Alex is CrossFit Certified: Levels 1 & 2, Gymnastistics, Kids CrossFit, Mobility, and she’s a Catalyst Olympic Lifting attendee.

Head Coach Aminta

Aminta is a stay-at-home mom turned Certified CrossFit Trainer, passionate about guiding people to create healthy habits that empower the best version of themselves.

She began CrossFit in 2010 with some apprehension about being able to meet the CrossFit standard. In fact, she could barely do a push-up. What she found was the ability to do seemingly impossible things with encouragement and guidance from her coach, and support from her new community. Due to this life changing experience Aminta wanted to teach others.

Her passion has led to many avenues of education. She has completed courses in Mobility with Movement Fix, Anatomy with CrossFit, Nutrition with OptimizeMe Nutrition, Rehabilitation with Clinical Athlete, Olympic Lifting with Clinical Athlete, and has worked her way up to a Level 3 CrossFit Certification.

As MTCF’s Head Coach, Aminta will not only make you sweat, but help you achieve long term fitness and health habit goals.

Coach Adam

Adam has been coaching CrossFit for seven years and has pursued coaching to become CrossFit Certified Levels 1 and 2. He has a love of all things athletic and when not cheering on athletes at Mt. Tabor he can be found pursuing rock climbing, football, martial arts, bodybuilding, and any other new way to push his body to the limit. Adam believes in body positivity and personal growth, and loves CrossFit specifically because each workout can be transformational when an athlete finds the fire inside themselves to be better than they were before. After coaching at several gyms in the area, Adam has found a true community and home at Mt. Tabor.

Coach Melissa

President’s Day 2012 began the CrossFit and MTCF journey for Melissa. Experience and involvement allowed her an opportunity to become a coach in 2014. Since then Melissa has developed a staple with early AM classes that she challenges naysayers to try at least once. Her focus on technique & movement shows her desire to improve skill and function for our members. Melissa is CrossFit certified Level 1, and has a BS in Exercise and Sport Science from OSU.

Coach Lindsay

Lindsay has her Level 1 CrossFit certification, and a special interest in Olympic weightlifting. As an athlete in high school and college, Lindsay found her way to CrossFit while in graduate school as a way to maintain physical and mental health. Lindsay believes that CrossFit is for every body and is invested in building the Mt. Tabor CF community.

Coach Wes

Wes has been coaching CrossFit since early 2015 – while it’s not his full-time occupation, it is one of the more satisfying uses of his time. Wes loves to see people of all ages, ability levels, physical conditions, and backgrounds grow in skill and confidence. His own sports background has been influenced by weight training, martial arts, rugby, and some crazy stuff from his days in the US Navy (he’ll gladly tell some sea stories of dubious accuracy). Wes credits CrossFit with bringing some consistency and discipline to his workouts, as well as growth in mental resiliency. He is CrossFit Certified Level 1.