Who We Are

We proudly opened our doors in February of 2012 excited to build a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for health and wellness. Age should be just a number, we want to keep our quality of life rolling…it’s all about the journey and we want that journey to be fun and active as long as possible! In the last 9 and a half years our experienced coaches and fun hard-working athletes have done just that!

We believe in being supportive, inclusive,having fun and meeting our athletes where they are at. Not everyone has the same goals or is motivated by the same thing but fitness is something we can all find joy in. We want to continue to grow our community and continue helping each athlete find their own success finding happiness in their lifelong fitness journey. Being strong on your own is great, but we think we are even stronger as a team. We are all here to motivate and support each other no matter what, everyone who walks through our doors will be welcome!

Meet the coaches

Coach-Owner Alex

Alex is the owner and coach at MTCF. She didn’t come from sports, but found CrossFit 11 years ago and fell in love with its diversity and functionality, as well as its culture. She opened Mt. Tabor CrossFit almost 10 years ago to help inspire and guide those looking to pursue their fitness goals in a supportive and knowledgeable environment. Alex is CrossFit Certified: Levels 1 & 2, Gymnastics, Kids CrossFit, Mobility, and she’s a Catalyst Olympic Lifting attendee.

Zandr Diaz portrait

Zandr Diaz

Meet Zandr our Head Coach here at MT CrossFit. Zandr was very active in his youth, he spent most of his childhood inside the gym as he was a competitive gymnast. In his adult life he found CrossFit and fell in love with the methodology and the community it offered. CrossFit changed his life forever and he never looked back, since then Zandr has received his Level 1 & 2 and is constantly seeking to continue his education. He has a huge passion to help others, he knows firsthand what it is like to feel like you can not do something, or to be worried about trying something for the first time, and to feel intimidated by working out with others. This is what keeps him motivated as a Coach. His goal is to create a fun, welcoming space for all people to thrive in. He can’t wait to help you accomplish things you didn’t think you were capable of and to see that huge smile on your face when getting that lift for the first time or reaching a new personal record. Zandr thrives to make class the best hour of your day!

Adam Bleeker

Coach Adam

Adam has been coaching CrossFit for seven years and has pursued coaching to become CrossFit Certified Levels 1 and 2. He has a love of all things athletic and when not cheering on athletes at Mt. Tabor he can be found pursuing rock climbing, football, martial arts, bodybuilding, and any other new way to push his body to the limit. Adam believes in body positivity and personal growth and loves CrossFit specifically because each workout can be transformational when an athlete finds the fire inside themselves to be better than they were before. After coaching at several gyms in the area, Adam has found a true community and home at Mt. Tabor.

Chris Ray

Coach Chris

Coach Chris came to MTCF as an athlete in 2014 and fell in love with it! Besides being a lifelong gym rat, Chris loves hiking, skiing, kayaking and finding good happy hour food! She loves the opportunity to continue growing as a coach and athletes and to pass along all the great coaching she’s received over the years. She also enjoys getting to know each athlete at the gym by name and sharing the MTCF love.